About Us

Since being commissioned in 1972, Cadets of “COMET COMPANY” have strived to live up to the Navy’s core values of “Honor, Courage, and Commitment”! Located in Norfolk, Virginia, Granby High is located on Granby Street in the historic Wards Corner district.  “Norfolk” meaning a protected anchorage or safe harbor is surrounded by the waters of the Chesapeake Bay intracoastal waterways between Elizabeth and York Rivers.  It is also the place where many historical maritime and naval battles such as the Battle of Hampton Roads between the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia during the Civil War took place.  It is the home of the battleship USS WISCONSIN and Nauticus Maritime Museum.  Presently, the Norfolk Naval Base is the largest military installation in the world, the homeport of over 75 ships to include 4 aircraft carriers.  It employs more than 95K uniformed men and women serving in the region.  The armed forces undoubtedly have played a vital role in the history of Hampton Roads and will undeniably continue to have an impact on the unit.

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