Test Requirements

C/SA Test Requirements

Written Test: 

  • Phonetic Alphabet (CRM 14-16)
  • Orders to the Sentry (CRM 10)
  • Military Time (CRM 19)
  • DOD/Unit Chain of Command (refer to Classroom Board)

C/SN Test Requirements

Written Test:

  • Followership ( NS1 41-47)
  • Leadership (NS1 50-62)
  • Marine Corps/Navy/NJROTC Ranks and Rates (CRM 20-26)
  • Drill Positions (DM-19)

C/PO3 Test Requirements

Written Test:

  • Intro to NJROTC (NS1 Unit 1, Ch.1, 3)
  • Manual of Arms (35-49)
  • NJROTC Leadership Principles    (CRM 27)
  • NJROTC Ribbons and Awards            (CFM 28-35)

C/PO2 Test Requirements 

Written Test:

  • Approaches to Leadership (NS2 171-174)
  • Leadership Skills (NS2 177-180)
  • Customs, Courtesies, and Ceremonies (CFM 58-68)
  • Health and Fitness/PT                 (NS1 176-274)

C/PO1 Test Requirements 

Written Test:

  • Manual of Sword (DM 51-61)
  • Platoon Drill (DM 113-130)
  • Personnel Inspection (CFM 71-73)
  • Challenges of Leadership             (NS3 238-240)
  • Qualities of a Leader (NS3 242-248

C/CPO-Officers Test Requirements

-Refer to Master Chief Dyer or CWO3 Ferrette

Note: Due to Covid 19 all advancement test will be administered in Socrative.

Please contact one of the followings if you wish to take an advancement test.

  • If you wish to take a SA, SN, or PO3 test contact Akilesmalone79@gmail.com.
  • If you wish to take a PO2 test, contact Http.lindahernandez@gmail.com.
  • If you wish to take a PO1 test ,contact Indiasimone02@gmail.com

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