Public Affairs

Naval academy 

October 8th Granby NJROTC cadets went to Annapolis of Maryland, arrival was at 0600 all cadets lined up and put on the bus. Everyone went straight to sleep after a really early morning. First stop was at Chick-Fal-A at 0900, we all watched movies together called Annapolis and The Guardian during our travels. The cadets had a tailgate in front of the Naval Academy Football stadium eating hamburgers and hotdogs, chips and potato salad while enjoying music, playing corn hole, and football. These cadets were first come first serve and they do not regret coming at all! It was pretty cold but the hot chocolate warmed us up pretty fast for the end of the game with navy winning 53-21 the Naval Academy’s running backs had a FANTASTIC game rushing for almost 500 yards! ! Cadets PO3 Moore, PO1 Sautia, and PO2 Costa. Z were the loudest chanters in the stadium bringing light and joy to the wonderful group.This is what some of the fellow cadets that went to Academy had to say, C/SA Sparrow said “ my favorite thing about today was when the Naval Academy’s mascot was messing the cadets after the first march in, And After every touch down from the Naval Academy there Plebes started to do push ups.” C/PO2 Bragg had to say “ I LOVED the people especially the midshipmen because they were in uniform and were supporting their team,also I enjoyed seeing all the different types of people enjoying themselves and celebrating amongst each other in the most cheerful ways.” And C/SA Burrus. J had to say “ I was very thrilled to watch the football team play and I was able to play amongst the staff and fellow cadets during the tailgate since I am also a football player for Granby High school, I fantasized how controlled and in order the stadium was during the beginning march and half time. Please use the #greanbynjrotcfieldtrip22-23 when posting pictures and send all your photos to the instagram page @granbynjrotc

Blue angels 

September 16, 2022 Granby NJROTC cadets went to see the Blue Angles! What a beautiful site.Smiles and fun all around, no one went home unsatisfied. A great thank you to the Blue Angels airmen for an amazing air show! C/SA Metzger says “ i really appreciated going to the show, i enjoyed seeing the Blue Angels souring through the skies” C/SA Twitty said “ i really liked it, i loved when the scuba divers talked while underwater” C/SR Moza says “ the long walks and the interactions were wonderful meeting new people and getting to learn new things” , and C/SN Burrus B said “ i beat a scuba diver in tik-tak-toe i had so much fun”. This was the first field trip of the school year and it was absolutely amazing to stand by for more announcements of what’s coming! Please use the #granbynjrotcfieldtrips22-23 when posting pictures! And send all your photos to the instagram page @granbyjrotc